Thursday, May 7, 2009

Mother's Day: The List

1. The only thing I've really ever liked about Mother's Day were the brunches.

2. Once I actually became a mom, brunches were out (long waits + small kids = no thanks).

3. So when Hubs asks, "What should we do on Sunday?" I say, "How about a hike?"

4. Silas: "Oh, no, not a hike."

5. Helen: "We hate hikes! Don't we, Silas?"

6. So probably no hike.

7. What about a brunch?

8. See #2.

9. Ugh. This is why I hate Mother's Day.

10. At least I hopefully won't get a $40 (40! $!) whirligig flamingo lawn ornament thing this year.

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