Friday, June 26, 2009

Children are Different: the List

1. One of my children slept poorly. He/she hated to go to sleep, hated to wake up, and as soon as he/she could move came into our room in the middle of every night. He/she still does this.

2. One of my children slept great. Even in the hospital, he/she slept like a little baby log for hours at a stretch. He/she still sleeps great.

3. One of my children is afraid of very little except house fires. He/she watches scary movies, picks up biting bugs, climbs on the roof by him- or herself.

4. Interestingly, this is not the one who sleeps well.

5. The good sleeper, however, is not so good a sleeping companion. He/she flops, kicks, squeaks and sleep-talks, all while fast asleep.

6. The poor sleeper, once asleep, is difficult to wake.

7. Unless the smoke alarm goes off.

8. One of my children will eat anything, more or less (although see #9/10). The other child will commonly refuse dessert, especially if it comes with conditions, like eating something that has been contaminated by parsley or other leafy foods.

9. One of my children loves meat and his/her favorite dish is a big hunk of beef or salmon. He/she hates salad. Salad makes him/her cry.

10. One my children loves salad and his/her favorite dish is a taco salad. He/she hates unadulterated chunks of meat or fish. These make him/her cry.

11. I've kind of given up trying to cook meals that make everyone happy. Instead, I stuff eggplant with mushrooms and sundried tomatoes and refuse to make an alternative dinner.

12. This makes everyone cry. Even me. It turns out I don't like eggplant, either.


Jess said...

I love this post. Also, it kind of has the rhythm of "This Little Piggy." I like that.

Oz said...

Salad makes him/her cry? The thought of a child sobbing over a bowl of lettuce is hilarious.

I was a child who was (usually) a good sleeper but also a horrible sleeping companion. I grew up to be an adult who is (usually, except when 39 weeks pregnant) a good sleeper but not such a good sleeping companion. As my poor husband can tell you, I still kick.