Friday, September 18, 2009

Friday Favorites

Since I got up at five-thirty a.m. and went on a run every single day this week (go me! even if some of the runs were more like "very aerobic walks" and also very short) (also, this schedule might be contributing to my feeling that there is not a single second in the day when I can just relax, dammit), another running-themed Friday favorites.

My top five favorite things about running:

1. Except for the shoes (and the clothes, if you want to get fancy), it's free.

2. It doubles as exploration. I LOVE scouting out new neighborhoods, checking up on peoples' gardens, and exploring new trails while I'm out supposedly exercising.

3. It gets me outside.

4. I can do it almost anywhere, in any weather. I've run in sixteen states, four countries, and three continents; I've run in snow, rain, sleet, and in 100-degree weather and below-zero weather (the latter is MUCH MORE PLEASANT).

5. It gives me great calves.


artemisia said...

Ok - this is just COOL: "I've run in sixteen states, four countries, and three continents;"

Tess said...

Totally agree about running. I also like that it's time-efficient.