Monday, December 7, 2009


Just in case I might have been worried, back in October, about getting into the Christmassy mood too soon, what with the 12 inches of snow and all, and then being sort of past the whole Christmas thing come mid-December, when chances were that the weather would be 60 degrees and dry...well, no more need to worry. Since the snow is still here, or was here and is here again, or is here and is coming tomorrow also and also the day after that...or something. We're in the Season. White on white, and cold, mama.

Yesterday we went up and cut a tree from Golden Gate State Park (by permit!), and by "we" I mean Hubs, Silas, and Sister-in-Law + Nephew, because Helen had a cough and I decided to prudently stay home with her. And also get some laundry done, and clean the house, and um, oh yeah, avoid driving sixty miles in a winter storm warning. I love being out in the snow and cold, but not if I'm in a vehicle. "Call when you get there!" I said cheerily, and put on the water for another pot of coffee. "Drive safe!"

It's a fine tree, a fir, 11 feet and 10 inches tall, so it fit in our living room with two inches to spare. It was also reported to be a fine hike, if we use Ernest Shackleton's definition of fine. That is, it was long, cold, windy, snowy, and cold, and while I actually think that would have been kind of fun, doing it with kids, especially "I hate hikes" Helen, would have started out notfun and proceeded straight to Death March.

The good news about staying home was that I managed to keep so busy that I didn't think once about the purchasing part of Christmas. Which means that we're still on square one: giftfail. Which means the chances of me being one of those poor souls running out to the Quickie Mart at 10 o'clock on December 24 just bumped a little higher.

So: happy holidays!


Jess said...

Wow. Even if we had 12-foot ceilings, I'm not sure I'd be able to handle a 12-foot tree. You are brave. Do you need a ladder to decorate that thing?

Also, my shopping is done but we are definitely going to check out the Christkindl Market once it warms up a bit. Maybe we'll find some last-minute stocking stuffers.

6512andgrowing said...

Enjoy your TALL, sweet smelling tree! (Sounds like staying home with the coffee and daughter was the right thing to do)

Just dropping in to say hi, from another Colorado Mama Blogger.

Rachel @ 6512 and growing (growing children at 6512 feet)

Melospiza said...

Jess: we totally needed a ladder.
Also, we went to the Christkindl Market last year and I can't overstate how wonderful I found it. I date my first feeling that maybe living in Denver wasn't going to be so bad to that very night (and we did go at night, after a long day at the museum--it was less crowded, and so cozy).

Rachel: Great to see you here!