Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Media Diary, Part 2

So! Back to the diary thing. I'm trying to keep it short, because what I'm noticing is: uh, our days are kinda the same. Also, not very interesting.

Anyway. Monday: Si has movie matinee at school. They watch Night at the Museum 2. He was anxious, in deciding whether or not go, to make sure that watching the movie wouldn't use up his whole 2-hour monitor allowance. Luckily, I'm not THAT strict, so he also played Wii when he got home. He got an additional half hour for walking with me to the library after dinner. Helen didn't do any monitor/ media stuff, except for book & bed. Hubs worked on the computer, then watched a little news before bed. I'm sure I turned on the computer, but I can't remember what I did.

Tuesday: Si takes the bus home, hooks up with a friend, has the world's shortest playdate (30 minutes. At a house 10 minutes away. You do the math. Luckily [for ME] I was still at work). Once home, with homework complete, he played Wii until I got home with Helen at 5:30. Sort of. ("I see that it's five-forty-five, Si. What time did you say you would turn it off?" etc.) Some weeping on Helen's part over the Wii/ TV and Who Gets To Use It, but this seemed perfunctory and related mostly to being hungry. The kids play legos until dinner. Hubs works on the computer (adverb: frantically). After dinner I fire up my computer to keep plugging away at the damn retirement (in vain--apparently I lack the skills to complete this paperwork online). I also check times for a play I'd like to see w/ Hubs (thaz right, ladies. THEATAH.) Helen and Si try to cooperate on searching for coloring pages online on another computer, but this breaks down when Helen refuses to let someone else type for her. Thus my attempts to puzzle out the retirement thing are further scrambled by a constant soundtrack: "Mama, where's the N? It's not ON the bottom. Oh, there. N. What comes next? Where's the G? I can't find the G. MAMA! Where's the G?" ACK. I may have asked her to PLEASE DO THAT QUIETLY (MONITORS BREED IMPATIENCE, OBV). Si goes off to another computer (our house is RIDDLED with them) to print out paper airplane instructions. Then he gets involved in a complicated construction project making a little cardboard army base for the airplane (I LOVE it when he does projects). For both kids, books and music at bedtime. I read a bit to fall asleep, and Hubs watches the news to unwind.

So. There it is. Possibly a little lighter than average for us on a weekday.

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Jess said...

The projects sound like fun! I would love that too.