Friday, June 25, 2010

Chicken AND the egg

Oh, my dears. This has been a long week, and for no real reason other than Hubs has been gone. But I can't even complain, because Si has mostly been at his cousin's, so the actual house roll call has been very manageable (or so you would think). As Helen commented the other day, "It's all girls here, right, mom?" Yes. Yes it is. And this Friday morning I STILL feel like the best option would really be to crawl back into bed, only the effort of pulling the covers up over my shoulder seems like it might overwhelm me.

Guess I'll go to work instead.

But! The highlight of the week was hands-down the unexpected visitor we had on Tuesday night, and I wish I had had a camera because the visual of this strutting nervously around on our suburban lawn would be so much better: a chicken. Making very worried chicken sounds. While casually putting various shrubberies between itself and us (those chickens can MOVE).

And best of all, after it had squeezed itself back over to our neighbor's yard where it belongs? I found an egg. Which made me want to unpatch the hole in the fence--come over whenEVER you want, little chicken. WhenEVER you want. Mmm-mm.


Jess said...

Are you serious? A chicken showed up in your yard, laid an egg, and left? I thought hens didn't lay when they were stressed.

Melospiza said...

I don't think it was stressed until we came home. Until that point, it probably thought it had found a new, peck-free extension of its yard.

Kate said...

Wow! Was it a fancy chicken? I went to a chicken coop tour last weekend and couldn't believe all the pretty varieties. (I just thought they came in white. :) Kind of her to pay the toll for pecking around your yard.