Thursday, July 22, 2010

Five years!

Even though she claims it is not a meme and was never intended to be one, I'm still totally stealing Flotsam's five-year summary because I like it so much.

Also, I sort of like the idea of randomly turning back and saying--wait! Five years! What was I doing five years ago today?

July 22, 2005 (I checked. It was a Friday.)

1. Working, in my hot office on the CSU campus. Silas was at daycare a few blocks away. Helen was probably in my lap and I was probably typing one-handed.
2. We were sort of starting to recover from becoming a four-person family seven months before.
3. Writing was going okay. I was still on a hiatus from the novel, but I had some other good stuff going on.
4. We were also recovering from our second camping trip as a four-person family. The secret to camping with a seven-month-old? Camp beside a river, so no one can hear her scream.
5. I was ramping up training for my first and so far only half-marathon.

In the intervening years, there have been:

Children conceived: 0
Live babies acquired: 0
Men married: 0
Houses sold: 1
Houses bought: 1
Houses regretted: 1
Books written: 2 (rought drafts only, alas)
Degrees acquired: 0
Unfamiliar countries visited: 1
Unfamiliar states visited: 2 (in addition to lots of familiar states)
Couches owned: 5
Pets felled by disease/neglect: 2 (birds) (I'm also not sure of the turtle's fate, but I fear it was not good)
Days admitted to hospital: 0
Days children admitted to hospital: 3
Literary rejections received: countless
Pounds gained: haven't checked lately
Kidney stones passed: 0
Internships completed: 1
Funerals attended: 1
Books read: 292 (I keep track)
Blogs maintained: 1
Chickens reared: 3


Jess said...

Ooh, I love this. So fun! Five years ago I was interning at a DC literary agency before starting my senior year of college. How things have changed!

Kate said...

Ha! Love the secret about camping with a baby. I was guessing that perhaps the secret is not to camp with a baby. This is a fab idea. Though... it kind of scares me to look back for fear I haven't done much. May have to try it though. Hope you're having a marvelous weekend. :)