Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Another holiday down

I'm feeling a bit gloaty on this morning after election day--all six of the statewide races/ initiatives that I really, really cared about went my way, and most important, we don't have a racist buffoon for a governor (so there, officemate-who-insists-on-talking-loudly-on-the-phone-about politics-while-I-am-trying-to-quietly-mind-my-own-business). Perhaps M's job in publicly funded higher ed is safe after all.

Of course, my gloating is tempered, as it always is, by the lingering existence of actual problems. Some of them are potentially solvable. Some aren't. I still kind of believe that there isn't much that the people in office can do, most of the time. Still: cheers. I raise my glass, from the comfort of home.

Which means: yes, we're finally home. (Hurray.)


Jess said...

I feel gloaty about the election too because of the way the Colorado races turned out. In fact I have visited the CNN website multiple times just to look at their map of the governors' races and gloat about how Colorado is a blue island in a sea of red.

Kate said...

Wow!!! That floor is so gorgeous. Welcome home. And, lucky you. Here, in Utah, we're surrounded by religious zealots. So, I try to mind my own business as best I can.

Oz said...

Yay, you're home! It looks so cozy and welcoming.

I myself was losing sleep over that 60/61/101 business, so I, too, felt a bit relieved.