Friday, June 1, 2012


Well, that was May. It kind of just... evaporated. Personally, I blame aliens, or maybe the Management. There really is no excuse for this sort of time removal. I need to make a ribbon, or a twibbon, or perhaps a gribbon (awareness ribbons on loud monkeys).

Alternatively, I could blame Camp, the search for and/or the lack of satisfactory alternatives thereof. Do you like camp? Did you like camp, as a wee thing? I did, once, like it, mostly, but I also hated its lunchbox smell and the way I'd be thrown in for a week or a half-week or a week of half-days into a pool of strangers. Which is why every time I would comb the Denver Post camp directory and make a conscientious list of all the awesome camp possibilities for kids 7 to 10 and narrow it down to two or three that might really interest the kids, weren't an hour's drive away at rush hour, and were within at least a zip code or two of affordability, I dithered, and minimized the screen, and vowed to come back later, and then never did. Until last week, when in a fit of panic I bought, like, three camps, and also subscribed to a babysitting service. Augh.

My real problem with summer activities is that I want to be home with the kids. I want two and a half months of healthy discipline (daily swim team, mathbooks, reading), fun adventures, popsicles, playdates and hikes. Only I work, so that's not really possible. I can hire someone to be my proxy, but I have to admit that this is what I'm doing.

Two weeks ago I finally articulated this and felt very relieved and like my summer camp block had finally been lifted. Then I spent two weeks procrastinating. Now I lack both relief and any and all excuses.

The sunburn he came home with is spectacular. We need to work on sunscreening skills.
But! we now have camps. And babysitters. And grandma days. And season passes to Elitches (for days with Aunt and Cousin). And I still have my job, which I'm grateful for, especially as all this Proxying is not exactly free.

On the plus side, I have been writing a lot. So that's good. See here. And here (paywalled, for the time being).

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