Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Bye bye

 We lost a good friend and loyal barker on Saturday. Thirteen years old and still going strong, felled by what the vet thought was probably a stroke.

Costilla in better days.
The house is so quiet when we get home. I'm still not quite sure she won't be coming back.

Costi, Costico, Costillymostilly, Costernica, Coco, Tida, Coast.
She was thirteen years old and endured the incorporation into the family of not one but two children, whom she came to love in her sweet but understated way. Si's already made a shrine of her food bin, draped in her blanket and with a photo on top. He's taking it hard. Helen is mostly alert not to make him more sad, "because then he starts sniffing."

Costilla, July 4, 1999 -September 1 2013. A good dog.


Tess said...

Oh, I'm so sorry.

artemisia said...

I am so, so, sorry. I am thinking of you and your family right now.

Melospiza said...

Thanks, guys. >Sniff.<

Erin said...

Oh, I'm so sorry. Losing a pup friend is so very hard. Hope the kids are doing ok. Hope you are too.