Monday, April 20, 2009

Snow Day

Over the weekend we had a little bit of this:

Two feet of this, to be precise. It came at exactly the right time to tweak our weekend into mellowness: the out-of-town guest had to cancel (stuck in Wyoming), the baseball games were canceled (we're three weeks into the baseball season and the boy has had exactly zero games so far. Which is fine, but might be giving me an unduly leisurely idea of what it's like to be a Baseball Mom. [I can't believe I just called myself a Baseball Mom.]), and the outdoors proved so snowy and delicious, and also so warm, that we had to practically drag the kids indoors when bedtime rolled around.

There was lots of this:

Very dapper, this fellow. Also, very flattened. Silas and his cousin built him up, and then pummeled him into submission. I did rescue my scarf.

After snowing all day Friday and Saturday, Sunday it was sunny and 60 degrees (helLO Colorado), so we spent half the day at the creek. I should have just made a recording of myself saying "The creek is really high! You need to be careful!" and then left it at home. I could have saved my voice and my anxiety a lot of trouble. The kids were magnetically drawn to the high water, of course, but luckily neither fell in, and we all got a lot of sun time.

Bring out the sandbags, the bike path's flooded.

Got to get a closer look...

While I took this photo I imagined telling the officer what I was doing snapping photographs while my children climbed into the flooded creek and drowned. I kept such worries at bay by repeating, "Those rocks look really slippery! Be careful!" about fifty thousand times during the course of taking this picture. It obviously worked, because they're still here.

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