Friday, August 20, 2010

Random assortment No. 2

1. The Friday favorites list is apparently beyond my blogging skills now.

2. The kids' school registration was last night. We stood in one line for 20 minutes, and then another line for 25 minutes, all so we could turn in our forms and checks and OF COURSE I ran out checks, just like I did LAST YEAR, and after standing in line for 45 minutes and having my blood sugar level drop to just about zero the thought of not being able to pay for whatever the last thing was on time like a responsible parent made me totally panicky. UGH. Although it was nothing a beer afterward couldn't fix.

3. We met the teachers--they're both lovely. I was struggling not to be biased but I was really glad that Helen got the kindergarten teacher who isn't brand new (although I'm sure the new teacher is LOVELY and will be a WONDERFUL teacher).

4. I was surprised at how completely ignorant I was of the fourth-grade teachers. You'd think that after two years I'd have some sense of the school beyond the immediate Silas universe, but nay.

5. Neither child has friends in his/her class. Again, OF COURSE. Although I'm not convinced that Silas really cares about friends, to tell the truth. He seems to have buddies everywhere (and he has buddies in this class) and best friends nowhere and bases his favorite friend of the month on the entertainment options at their house, more or less. I SO DO NOT GET THIS.

6. It's Friday, yet there is no dumpster at the house. Hmm. So apparently no demo today.


Jess said...

So glad you like their teachers. That's always a good start!

artemisia said...

I can't believe it is time for school again!

This summer has been the pits. I haven't made it to another game since I saw you. At least I made that trip count! ;-)

Enjoy your weekend, and hope the demo starts soon!

Oz said...

Axel didn't get a class with his friends. OK, he's not quite three, and he only has two friends in his new school, but still, I was heartbroken. He, on the other hand, couldn't care less. Now he has lots of new friends, he says, but he doesn't know their names yet. So, maybe it's a boy thing? Or something moms worry about and they just don't?