Friday, August 27, 2010

You know what I want?

A kindie-cam. I would totally have it open on my browser all day long. I could check in on Helen any time I wanted, plus I'd finally have an answer when I ask "what'd you do at school today?" besides a glowering "I don't want to TELL you."

Okay, fine, I'd also like a fourth-grade cam.

Although the potential for abuse would be high. For example: "I noticed you were poking around in your desk when your teacher was trying to explain fractions to the class today. What's up with that?" or "I saw that you laughed when K made that mean comment about your classmate. How do you think that made him feel?"


Jess said...

"I don't want to TELL you." Bahahahaha.

The kennel where we board Montana has a doggie cam so we can check in on her when we're on vacation. It's actually tragic because when we were in Germany with the time difference we happened to watch her wake up and she went straight for the water bowl along with all the other dogs, but she won't drink when other dogs are drinking so we watched her wait patiently for her turn to drink for literally 20 minutes. Every now and then a bowl would clear and she would move forward to get a drink but then another dog would come in for the same bowl and she would back away again. It was so sad!

Melospiza said...

Oh, how heartbreaking! Yes, there would probably be as many reasons NOT to watch as there would be to watch. All those little slights that kids learn to deal with just fine would shred me.