Monday, July 13, 2009

In review: summer

1. Si started the second of his summer activities today (camp). HurRAY. In some ways my life as a mom has been a single trajectory toward this point. For two (2) days this week I have the house to myself once again.

2. It's not overnight camp, though. Perhaps overnight camp is the real goal of my Life as Mom (well, college/ job/ leaving the house as a functional adult is my goal. Fingers crossed, here.).

3. Last week Hubs and I went to the only restaurant in Denver I was really excited to try (my palate is tres jaded): Domo. OMFG, you guys. It delivered. All Denverites among my readers, please go.

4. I also had a job interview last week. My excellent interview skillz were again in evidence, although I wouldn't say that overall the interview was a bomb, and this time I actually think the interviewer's lack of interviewing skills was part of the problem. I got the sense he kind of based his decision on whom to hire less on qualifications and more on his gut. Nevertheless, I have been existentially wondering Do I Really Want a Job more than usual (I've also been calculating how much more we could do if I had a regular income of decent proportions. Like: we could redo the kitchen! We could afford new windows! we could hire someone to do the stonework in the back yard, instead of moping about how we don't have the time to do it ourselves!)

5. We had houseguests (my MIL and my nephew) on Saturday night and old friends over for dinner on Sunday. God, it was nice. In fact, overall it was a people-filled weekend--which is how our life used to be. And how it will be in the future.

6. Despite this, I spent an inordinate number of wee hours of the night fretting about Silas and Helen's old friends from our old town, and how due to my negligence and neglect, we are not keeping those ties. I need to NOT DO THIS. Fret, I mean.

7. So! On to a new week!


Jess said...

I really wonder how often interviewers make the best hiring decision. I feel like it's probably about 50/50. Seriously.

Will have to try Domo! Have you been to Banzai? It's our favorite sushi place in Denver.

Melospiza said...

We have not tried Banzai! That will definitely be soon, though. We're trying to find a sushi place that we like. Domo is now on the list, although it is not convenient enough to where we live to be a Regular Haunt.