Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Answer: harebell.

So, had that job interview today! *Siiigh.* It went okay, I guess, if you count replying, "ooh, this is a hard one," to the interview classic, "What drew you to this position?" as "okay." Grog. I need an interview coach, to videotape my interviews and give me point-by-point feedback. And then let me DO THE DAMN THING AGAIN.

Oh, well. It'll be nice if it works out; if not, unemployment has its benefits, too. Especially in the summer: vacations! gardening! home improvement projects! letting the kids have a real summer vacation, instead of endless "camp" that suspiciously mimics school.

In fact, as I lay last night fretting over the day to come (not so much the interview as the fact that I had to DRIVE, and then PARK IN THE CITY), what I was thinking about was where in the yard is the best place to put daylilies. Also: what about those half-pots that bolt into the wall for our slightly barren-seeming courtyard? Or clematis? Does the courtyard get enough sun for clematis?

I spent hours thinking about this. HOURS. I wish THAT had been a question in the interview--So, you're going to plant daylilies bordering the aspen trees out front. What's a good companion plant?

Answer: harebell. Licked that one.

Enjoy your week, homeys.

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