Sunday, August 2, 2009

Back from the Bloggy Break

Breaking news: I texted yesterday for the first time. Whoa boy, I'm speeding into the twenty-first century. Here's the sum total: "Sweet stop no idea how to punctuate this thing stop"

Yeah, so. Still some work to do to get me into the twenty-first century.

In other news, we just got back from a week in Ohio with my parents, where among other activities Hubs and I attended my high school reunion (20th). Well. I have to say I enjoyed Hubs' high school reunion better, and I may have known more people at his (note: I did not move to his town until ten years after he graduated from high school). Okay, I kid. I knew plenty of people. However, considering that my graduating class was only 300 or so, and I attended the public schools in my town from kindergarten through 12th grade (more or less), there were surprising swaths of unknown faces. Also, I disappointed myself by thinking EXACTLY THE SAME about my classmates. In other words, usually I'm excited to meet people and basically interested in everyone I have a conversation with. One of my big regrets about high school was that I too often dismissed people I barely knew as uninteresting; I was hoping, I think, that the reunion would be different. Nope. Five minutes into talking to someone whom I hadn't seen for twenty years I would be mentally checking my watch, already as tired of him or her as I had been on the last day of high school.

To be fair, people seemed to sort of feel the same way about me. It might just be a reunion thing.

More news: despite my lackluster interview skills, I have apparently been offered a job. I am totally aware of how great this is and how lucky I am to be offered ANYTHING. Also, I am ninety-nine percent sure I will take it. However, I am allowing myself to freak out. It's full-time, and I haven't worked full-time since I've had kids. (cue panic). I will have to COMMUTE. By CAR. (I have NEVER had to do this). (Yes, I am spoiled.) It's a regular corporate-type job, meaning that there are only two weeks of vacation, plus assorted Major Holidays. (cue MASSIVE panic). It seems pretty straight-laced, so if Si has a day off and I want to take him to the museum, I will have to use vacation time (meaning there will less for when I actually want to do an awaycation). If it's a spectacularly beautiful day and I want to take off and go hiking, I will have to use vacation time. I know that this is the situation of the vast majority of people who work, and the fact that I am even complaining about this shows how good I've had it/ ungrateful I am. [and I will spare everyone and not launch into a tirade about how 50 40-hour weeks are bad for us, how EVERYONE should get more time off, because work, as valuable as it may be, is only part of our lives and we are all starving our souls by working so much]

Anyway. Mostly I need to process the Change involved in going from being underemployed to fully employed. Apparently complaint is essential to that process. Apologies all round.

Next time: pictures!


Jess said...

Congrats on the job! I'm sure you'll adjust to all the changes. And if you don't... maybe move to Europe? They have a much better understanding of work-life balance over there.

Oz said...

Congratulations! So what's the new gig?