Friday, August 21, 2009

Friday Favorites, painting related

1. My favorite part of painting a room: pulling off the masking tape in long delicious strips.

2. My least favorite part of painting: finding that the paint leaked under the masking tape, or that the tape pulled paint off of the already-painted part.

3. Favorite paint color in our house: the pale olive green in the bedroom (name: emulsion. Not QUITE unsavory enough to nix my love of the color, but close). Favorite paint name: trailhead (a pale yellow).

4. Second favorite paint color: the bright reddish-orange wall in the TV room. Okay, going on it looked exactly like canned tomato soup, and I did have an "OMG is it too Seventies?" moment, but overall it works, and makes the space warm and cozy without seeming oppressive.

5. My actual real favorite part of painting? Being done. And I'm not there yet. So adios, amigos. Back to work.

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