Friday, August 14, 2009

Friday Favorites

1. Favorite pet: our dog (sorry, birdies. Also, sorry, Gerbie. If you're still alive.)

2. Favorite plastico crap toy now littering the house: the Playmobil Cabin. People, it comes with a tree, and on that tree is a woodpecker. With approximately the right markings. It warms my birdgeekophile heart.

3. Favorite boat: the sunfish. Not that given the chance to commandeer one, I'd be able to pilot it. I just like to see them, floating about on whatever body of water we happen to pass.

4. Favorite gross thing: baby poo. Specifically, nursing-baby poo. Which thing is made significantly less gross and more endearing in that I won't have to actually encounter it until such time as my kids have kids themselves. Or I get some more nieces and nephews. No pressure or anything, siblings.

5. Favorite kid's book: Mickey and the Night Kitchen.

6. Favorite child: whichever one will let me read them Mickey and the Night Kitchen again. Oh, it's on, kiddoes!


Jess said...

I like how the birds don't make the cut as your favorite pet, but the toy makes the cut as your favorite because of its bird.

Melospiza said...

I know! If only the birds were playmobil figurines. Then I would love them.