Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Oh, Lake Superior, how I've missed you:

The conference is nice, too. As conferences go. I'm still missing home dreadfully, and calling home doesn't really help:

"Hello? Hi, Silas, is that you? I miss you, sweetheart!"
"Hi Mom."
"How're doing?"
"Um...what specials did you have today?"
"Gym. I mean music. Only we had a lockdown? So Mrs Parks came to us."
"You had a lockdown? what? why?"
"It was just for practice."
"Oh. You have lockdown drills?"

*crickets chirping*

"Okay, well, goodbye, kiddo. I love you."
"Okay. Goodbye."

Okay, well. Goodbye.


Jess said...

Hey, that sounds like a pretty expressive phone conversation for a kid his age! I'm impressed.

Tess said...

Man, I love Duluth/Superior. It's hard to explain to people just how awesome it is because they are all, ...REALLY?

Phone convos with kids are a nightmare in my experience. Uff.

Erin said...

OH DULUTH. I do love it so. (I lived in MN for a few years too.) Such a beaut. Also, a feeling like you're on the edge of the frontier.

I wonder what the conference is? I get the feeling we're in the same(ish) field. Wildlife conservation? I did my Masters in MN. We probably know some of the same folks.

Kate said...

Hey! I lived most of my life in MN. If the conference gets dull drive up the road a bit to the Rustic Inn, Two Harbors. It's a darling cafe. Enjoy the always lovely north shore. :))

Oz said...

Whatever happened to tornado drills? My lord.