Friday, April 23, 2010

Friday Favorites

Home again, and raining. I did my run in the rain this morning, and while sometimes this is my favorite kind of run, this morning it was not. I did like getting out, though, and I still get unreasonably excited when the creekwaters rise. And they're rising.

Well, my Friday Favorites this morning are kind of predictable: my favorite things about coming home.

1. Getting to see Hubs and the kids. Both kids were being especially sweet this morning, particularly given the conditions of rain and sleepiness. Silas actually went to say goodbye to Hubs without being prompted by me. AND he said, "Have a good day, Mom!" as he left the house. To wait at the bus stop. In the rain. He probably qualifies for some kind of 3rd grade medal.

2. Getting to check on the flowering/ sprouting status of plants in the yard. This is bar none my favorite activity this time of year, and I build up a craving after a few days away. I planted carrots and peas on Sunday, but they're not up yet (it would be a wee bit unusual for them to sprout this fast, but I'm always hopeful).

3. Getting to see the dog. She actually crawled under the covers with us last night, which she hasn't done for YEARS--I wonder if the rain bothers her? Or maybe she could hear very very distant thunder? Or maybe she missed me?

4. Getting to eat exactly what I like for breakfast.

5. Getting back to a routine. No matter how much I enjoy being away, whether for work or on vacation, there's always this nagging feeling of things being off-kilter. Now things are on kilter again, except for looming house repairs/ renovations.

Worst thing about coming back: all the same old problems in the house are STILL HERE. Ugh. Ants. We have ANTS. In the roof, along with also apparently fungus/ rot, which is what they eat. We're still sort of assessing slash dithering on this. GOD. Sometimes I imagine running into the people who lived here before us and asking them if they actually did one single thing in the house NOT the cheapest crappiest way. (The roof is NEW. NEW ROOF AND IT WAS PUT ON OVER ROT.)

And then I share a little laugh with myself because seriously, that's so not my style. I'd probably just smile and tell them OH WE LOVE THE HOUSE. AND EVERY SINGLE DOLLAR WE ARE SINKING INTO IT LIKE SOME VAST TAR PIT OF MONEY.

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Jess said...

Our wildflowers have started sprouting, and I am shocked at how THRILLED I am. Really, I'm ridiculous!