Monday, April 12, 2010

Must Be Monday

Breaking news: Mondays suck. Even if I'm feeling cheerful, there will be SOMEONE in the family who resents the fact that it's Monday, and will make everyone else in the house feel their pain. Such as the child who awoke to remember that he left his backpack at school, and proceeded to make it a DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT MAKING ME TAKE MY LUNCH IN A NONREGULATION BAGLIKE CONTAINER kind of morning. Involving weepiness, missing the bus, and having to be walked to school. This was followed by the rising of Child 2, who ALSO didn't want it to be Monday, but had to search harder for a point of contention. She finally settled on not eating her cereal unless it was on the table in the kitchen instead of the table in the dining room. "I want to eat at the OTHER TABLE," she said in a ugh-it's-Monday kind of groan. "That's fine, sweetheart. Pick up your bowl and move it to the Other Table." "I want YOU to move my bowwwwl." Etc.

Question: does my own Monday morning crabbiness sometimes involve being, uh, inflexible on random points of contention?

Answer: maybe.

Ugh. The day at work has been fine, but I'm kind of dreading going home. I'm also hoping Si was able to track down his backpack.


Jess said...

We are planning to turn our family room into a playroom/homework room/breakfast room type area. But the plan is for meals to be eaten in the dining room only. Right now the family room has our old Ikea dining table in it. At some point we want to get a bigger lovely solid wood table to put in there instead. Now I'm wondering if it will become a desirable place to eat instead of to draw, work, play games, etc., as originally envisioned.

Erin said...

Only a few more hours left... Then we have six days to recover.

Melospiza said...

Jess: both our tables do double duty as craft stations and dining areas. I actually love having two--that way we don't have to always clean up the crafts before dinner.