Thursday, May 13, 2010

Welp, it's a Thursday

My head has been otherwise engaged this week, what with a regular storm of craptacular news, the attendant bad sleeping, and, oh yeah, SNOW. In May. Insert Colorado Weather disclaimer here, and I KNOW, it's weather, get OVER it, but still. The low pressure shit is messing with my mood, and there wasn't much of it to be messed with to begin with.

Anyhow. Things are actually going fairly well in the Melospiza household, objectively speaking, and from the perspective of the healing power of self-pity this just doesn't help. I mean, a year ago, if we'd found out that we needed a roof repair to the tune of ten grand, I would have been in red alert panic mode. Now, thanks to being employed, I can say philosophically, "Eh. It sucks, but what can you do?" And, thanks to even worse news out there, even this problem seems small and of the we're-lucky-to-have-it variety. Man. The words "hospice" and "under 40" shouldn't legally allowed to be in the same sentence and I don't want to talk about it but I just want to say that the people involved are about the kindest, funniest, warmest people on the planet and it just SUCKS.

Meanwhile, my son's baseball team continues to lose (but with talent!), we've got ongoing battles with the Wii and exactly how much time should be spent playing it (ranging from a high of 22 hours a day to a low of zero), and half of my daughter's friends are not going to be at her daycare this summer. Although she seems to be dealing with this fact just fine, and we actually have a good history of playdates and parent-to-parent communication with the friends involved, so it isn't nearly the break that it might at first seem (And? she's likely to be at the same middle school as these girls, which is unimaginable and awesome.)

So. It's a Thursday. Enjoy yours.

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