Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Demolition Derby

So! We are officially down to the studs. Some stop action photography:

Day 0:
Day 1:

Day 2:
Day 3 (or so):
Helen is standing approximately where the kitchen used to be.

We've started on the journey to the new kitchen. Somewhere in the mists of the future lie the ability to wash our dishes in hot water at a sink, fill the dishwasher, and stand at the kitchen counter making a pie that we can put in our own oven. In the meantime, we're on the hot & crowded 24-hour flight to Guam. Or maybe the four-month journey in the hold of the steamer.


Jess said...

My goodness, this looks so SERIOUS! But it will end so beautifully!

Speaking of your house, I need your mailing address. Email it to me? I need to send you a thank-you card.

Kate said...

Is it too late to call dibs on that glass block room divider? :) I've always wanted to put one of those in the garden.