Monday, January 11, 2010

The Condo? It was FINE.

After all my fretting and grumpiness, The Condo was just fine. The weather was spectacular; I got to go for two run/ hikes on a well-plowed trail; I got to gawk at some of the fanciest "summer cabins" this side of Aspen, and to top it all off, my head didn't explode from the noisiness.

And, we even walked to breakfast at a funky local breakfast place (and nearly froze Helen to death, at least according to her). So there, Grumpy Side.

The kids spent a lot of time playing outside, running and climbing and sliding and experimenting with snow/ ice dynamics; I got to do a lot of reading; and for once I didn't feel like I was working twice as hard for half the comfort of home. This is what makes me grumpiest about going up there, I think: I spend a weekend away from getting chores done at home, and instead I get to cook, wash dishes, make beds, do laundry, and vacuum up there.

(Of course, if it was a place I wanted to be, I wouldn't mind the extra work so much. This is why I feel like an asshole complaining about The Condo: I don't like it because it isn't the place I would choose. If I happened to find myself teletransported back to the Seventies with five thousand dollars or whatever it cost to buy in, I would have gotten something more remote and nature-y. In my in-laws' defense, back in the Seventies The Condo was located in a fairly out-of-way and nature-y spot. Oh, how the times have changed.)

So. It was fine. All the same, I am SO looking forward to next weekend, and getting to spend it at home.

Monday: it's only five more days until Friday. UGH.

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Jess said...

I'm glad it went as well as could have been expected! Enjoy next weekend staying peacefully at home.