Thursday, January 7, 2010

Wait, is it too late to talk about my resolutions?

UGH. I will not totally and entirely blame my attempt to do Sundry's end-of-year meme for my apparent inability to update, but people! That thing is like a grad school application! I can barely even read other people's, let alone do my own (although of course I read yours. I loved yours.).

Anyway, as per Tess's nagging insistence, the digest:

Compared to December 2008, at the end of 2009 I was

1. Happier-ish. More stress and rushing around and sich, but less angst, esp. when doing things like buying groceries.
2. Uh. Not thinner.
3. Richer. What with the job and all.

Well. There. 2009 in sum.

For 2010? Much of the same. I'm happy with my level of exercise, which is fortunate, since it's not like I'm going to be doing any more. Maybe I will be liking to go for the longer runs on Sundays, once it's not so icy and snowpacked. Maybe I will be lifting more of the arm weights. I pretty much always vow to eat more fruits and vegetables and lose my temper less, and hey! maybe this will be the year this actually happens! I can dream, anyway.

Also, my projects. I'm really less of a self-improvement person and more of a "what cool project can I do this year?" This year, my projects:

1. Every month, I'm going to read a novel written in 2009. (Meaning that in December I can do an oh-so-timely "best of 2009" list!)

2. Every month, I'm going to go for a hike. Maybe by 2012 I will have worked my way through Best Easy Hikes Near Denver. At the very least, I will have hiked the same one (1) trail 12 times.

3. In late May I am going to cut into my running schedule to get up early and go birding once a week.

4. I'm going to ride my bike to work AT LEAST ONCE.


Jess said...

I'm so glad to hear you read MINE. What a relief.

Tess said...

It IS like a grad school application.

I want to do LESS running this year, and more of other stuff, like weightligting and hiking and such. You know, take advantage of all the wicked hiking there is to be done here in DALLAS. (eyeroll)

Melospiza said...

I loved reading your year-end quiz, Jess! I also liked Tess's stripped-down version. Basically, they're fun to read--but oof! The work involved in trying to write one myself killed me.