Friday, January 8, 2010

Friday Favorites

Okay: not for the first time I'm going to do a passive aggressive Friday Favorites and list all my favorite things about something which I'm doing this weekend but I DO NOT WANT TO DO.

My favorite things about going to The Condo*:

1. The snow is nice and white up there. And there are big piles of it.

2. There are lots of fun, funky breakfast places up there within walking distance. Not that we ever go to them.

3. It's nice to get out of town for a while. Right? Isn't this always true?

4. Not everyone who goes to The Condo will be at The Condo.

5. Time's up!

Erg. Commence noticing how much of a first world problem this is. (Although really? If we were living in a Peruvian shantytown? At least we could put the kids outside.)

*The Condo is a piece of important family heritage. It's also small, has uncomfortable beds, and is in the middle of the urban mountain corridor, about 20 inches from I-70.


Kate said...

Don't forget to pack the vodka. It never freezes, ya know. I've found it to be a Godsend on winter family vacations...

Oz said...

I guess your kids are too old to appreciate the condo's proximity to semi trucks (and pollution), and thus to have free entertaiment provided by I-70.