Wednesday, March 18, 2009

How many posts can I write about spring?

Signs of spring:
  • Almost stepped on a snake during my run. This one actually sounds sort of Biblical curse-ish. But it made me happy.
  • Water-strider on the little creek we cross on the way home from school.
  • Ants!
  • Daffodils & pansies. And crocuses.
  • The sand cherries are flowering.
  • Pussy willows.
  • Singing birdies.
  • More ants! Everywhere! Swarming in our patio, our sidewalk, the wall behind the TV! Ack! I just keep sweeping them out of the house and reminding myself that they'll be done with this swarming thing in a few weeks (and until then, dear god, keep them away from the SUGAR).
Yesterday, all that seemed springlike were a few crocuses and the first sprouting leaves of weeds and tulips; today it seems like spring is EVERYWHERE. And I'm already getting weird hits of nostalgia for last summer, when everything around here was new (and sort of awful). I'm also, oddly, longing for it to be hot. Which, Self, enjoy that longing now. Because in two months you're going to be longing for COLD.

Hubs went into Si's class today to help with reading and to have lunch, and also to do a little reconnaissance scouting/ anthropological data-gathering: how's our little savage doing? Silas was very cool-cat about the whole thing except that he was pretty much glowing with excitement, like a little lightbulb.

Turns out the savage is doing fine, too. Hubs said the lunch line experience was a little too much like his own lunch line memories, though, complete with the lunch lady chewing everybody out for taking all the chef salads. "I overlook it in the kindies and the 1st graders, but you're in second grade! You should know better!"

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Jess said...

This is so lovely. I can't wait to plant daffodils at our new house!