Tuesday, March 3, 2009


It was an awesome weekend here in the Centennial State. I mean, it was for us. Si had Friday and Monday off, which to me usually means EEK. So I Took Steps and planned Activities.

The Schedule:

1. Friday: zoo. The weather was PERFECT, meaning slightly chilly. The animals were frisky, the crowds were light, AND we got to see the lions being fed, huge old chunks of cow thigh. So they told us, anyway. It seems to me if you were a serial killer, working for the large cat section of the zoo would provide a tremendous opportunity for getting rid of evidence. Just saying. I took the two kids AND a kid friend, which almost did me in by the end, there, but was nice overall for the under-tens.

2. Friday night: sleepover at grandma's house in Fort Collins. This was not, strictly speaking, an Activity. I mean, it was, but it didn't really have anything to do with the kids. She just needed us to haul a bunch of stuff to the dump.

3. Saturday: took advantage of being in our old town to invite Si's best friend over for a playdate, AND we looked up Helen's old preschool posse. These are the three girls she's been friends with since before she knew the word friend. They haven't seen each other since July, but when we all converged on the playground, it was like nothing had ever changed. At least to my hazy grownup eyes, standing in a corner chatting with the other grownups.

3. Saturday night: sleepover at cousin's house, sans US. Is this sounding like the best weekend ever or what? Best BEST thing: Hubs and I went out to dinner, with grownups, no kids, and then came home and had the house to ourselves for like, twelve whole hours. During which we slept, of course. Duh.

4. Sunday: Before being delivered to our house (I LOVE my SIL. She is the BEST), the kids went swimming. Then we had new/old friends over for dinner--the woman is an old friend-of-a-friend and colleague from our western Colorado days, but we'd never met her husband or her three kids. Two of these kids are matched in age and gender with ours, which is like COUPLE-FRIEND LOTTERY, as those of you with kids will know.

5. Took the kids to the cool park, the one with the two-story slide and the giant climbable hand sculpture, for like the sixth playdate of the weekend. After this we came home and essentially hibernated for the rest of the day. Except for requisite some time outside with the hose and the garden tools. I mean, it was 71 degrees. SPRING.

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Jess said...

It sounds like a LOVELY weekend. I bet the weather helped, too!