Friday, March 6, 2009

Uhh, Weekend AGAIN

Huh. It seems to be the weekend again. As in, TGIF, which, since I don't actually have a job that cuts out on weekends, I don't really feel the way I used to, you know?

I spent the day taking care of a sick Helen: lots of forehead-stroking, etc. And carrying her from one lying place to another. First the couch. Then the car, to take Brother to school. Then home and the couch. Then my bed (I am just REALLY BANKING on this illness being something I've ALREADY HAD. Because Damn. I DO NOT want to get sick again). Then car, then home, then bed, and back to couch. Now she's watching Garfield while Silas gets his computer time and I get MY computer time.

Speaking of jobs, I have an interview next week--face-to-face, no less. For a job that pays a whopping $13 bucks an hour, but hey: the job description includes hiking. And camping. And plant identification. This might just be a job I'd actually enjoy, in other words. Those tend to pay less. Not that there isn't the Kfucked playing in my ear, quiet but definitely audible: you can't afford a job that only pays $13 an hour. It's just another flunkey job, no advancement possibilities, no benefits, no nothing. How are you going to be able to do this over the summer with one kid out of school and one kid in part-time daycare? And finally, the biggest of all: you've never taken a field job with kids. How is this going to be possible?

And to all that, I can only say, well, let's wait and see. Maybe I won't get offered the job! Wouldn't THAT be lucky!?

Um. Yeah. So: happy weekend!


Tess said...

Um, that sounds kind of AWESOME. Hiking? For MONEY? Good luck, man.

Melospiza said...

I know, right? Field jobs are like the best scam ever. Benefits, living wage, jobs that last more than six months of the year? Those are for SAPS.