Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Cough Drop Comparison

I've determined that I can stop coughing, or at least slow the hack fests waaay down, by sucking down the cough drops like I'm chain smoking them. So on the way back from dropping the poppet at poppetcare, I picked up $10 worth of cough drops. Since I'm not really wedded to any particular brand--I actually happen to be of the camp that cough drops don't really work (unless you're sucking them down in a continuous-feed situation, apparently)--I picked up five different flavors and brands. So, taste test!

Brand #1: Ricola Lemon Mint Sugar Free

Very lemony. Slightly waxy finish. Pleasant to have in mouth.

Brand #2: Safeway Brand Honey-Lemon Cough Suppressant (Menthol Eucalyptus)

Medicinal; bitter foretaste. And after taste. Am not actually coughing while sucking, so cough suppressant function may be working; however, I didn't cough during the Ricola cough drop either. Wait, whoops: cough.

Brand #3: Halls Naturals Honey Lemon

Sweet; almost too sweet. Soda-sweet. Also lemony, but mostly sweet, with a hint of medicinal.

Brand #4: Hall Naturals Wild Cherry

Can't quite taste this one, which might just be the cough bystander, plugged nose. But the basic flavors are slightly-brittle-sweet and menthol bitter. Ooh--there's a hit of cherry. Combined with the bitter medicinal flavor, that cherry tastes like cough medicine. Either you're a cough medicine fan or you're not.

Brand #5: Ricola Green Tea with Echinacea, sugar free

Whoa, flavor hit. Not too sweet. Slightly tingly feel in mouth.

Winner, for this poster: Ricola Lemon Mint, followed by Ricola Green Tea. Next up: updates on my bid to grab the World Record for the Most Cough Drops Consumed in One Day.

Update: I ate between twenty-five and thirty cough drops today. A lot, but probably not World-Record-Worthy. Also, I am sick of cough drops.

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