Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Warm and sunny

So, the weather here of late has been category: spring. Sun! Balmy breezes! Highs in the sixties and seventies! It sounds positively beatific, right, especially if you happened to freeze your nose shut among the millions of people yesterday on the national mall?

Well. I'm here to announce that I can officially Complain About Anything. I have not been enjoying the warmth and the sunniness, not like I should. First of all, proper sun enjoyment requires a chaise lounge, and I am woefully without a chaise lounge. I do have deck chairs, but they're stacked for the winter. (Apparently, warmth is not affecting my natural state of laziness).

Other issues with the weather:
  1. Warm weather makes me want to garden. FAIL. It's January. No soil-turning allowed. No earth-moving, no plant-buying, no planting. I did scatter a few seeds on the ground, but I'm not able to take them seriously and actually water them.
  2. Warm weather makes me want to hike. FAIL. I'm sick. I can't even bike.
  3. See #2: I'm sick. The air is all surface-warm, with an undertone of chill: just like me. It's probably about to launch into a big hacking coughing fit. Just like me. Hack.
Days like this, it becomes painfully obvious that I still belong in the Midwest. Need to bitch about the weather? Check. Hanker for cold, gray, and miserable? Check. Pathological need to suffer a requisite amount before enjoying the miracle of rebirth? Check.

Revoke my Colorado Passport, honeys. Time to send me home.

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