Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Live from the Armchair Inauguration

....reporting faithfully for all of you who may have to, you know, work.

#1. It looks like it's fucking freezing up there. Lots of grim, grim faces. And very few hats, for fashion/respect reasons, I presume.

#2. DANG there are a lot of people there. A LOT of people.

#3. What's with the trumpets signaling the arrival of VIPs? That seems so...royal.

#4. Barbara Bush is a formidable woman. On a par with Julia Child.

#5. George Bush senior is looking, indeed, very senior.

#6. So THAT'S what Diane Feinstein looks like! I should watch more CNN.

#7. Michelle looks a little tense. Laura B, on the other hand, looks positively giddy with relief.

More posts to follow, if the spirit moves.

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