Thursday, January 15, 2009

Scourge of my life: toenails and poptropica

So, the top things that cause power struggles between me and my oldest are:

1. Toenail cutting (his, not mine);

2. Baths-with-a-hairwash;


3. Computer games.

This last is just what you'd expect: I nag him and nag him and nag him to just PLAY some more games already. At least an hour a day, preferably more. Also, with his spine curved into the most contorted position possible. But nay. Like most seven-year-olds, he ignores his mom, in favor of such brain-draining activities as getting ahead on his homework and reading, learning Greek in his spare time, and...

Yeah. Okay. I kid.

We're actually doing better in the past few weeks (see NY's resolution #4: Be an appropriately warm, appropriately in-control parent: hey, it actually works!), especially in the computer department. Also, in the bath-and-a-hairwash, which I think is due less to my awesome parently skills than to the fact that it's now bath-and-a-hairwash, not shower-and-a-hairwash. He hated the shower.

However, I'm still open to any and all suggestions on the computer game front. Also, the cutting toenails front. Note: he's too old for the damn rhyme. And also, apparently, too young to do it himself (question: what did cavemen do to keep their toenails trimmed and in line? Because surely it didn't involve mothers, clippers, and weepfests. I'll try anything.)

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