Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I don't know how it is in your marriage, but when it comes time for things like covering-the- windows-which-for-these-six-months-or-so-have-been-bare, Virgo is the one who is all, "Hey. What do you think about this color here for the front room? Sage, or spice? Which one do you like?" and I'm the one who is all standing awkwardly behind him, stifling a yawn while we page through screen after screen after SCREEN of curtains. And colors. And more curtains, in the same colors, only they're slightly different, so, hey, what do you think about these ones?

Just PICK some already.

Only, not the curry gold. Definitely not the curry gold.

I sort of kid. There's a subtext here: we have window coverings on some of these windows already; window coverings that came with the house. They're, like, gauze miniblinds or something. Not great, but fine. To me. I'm fine with them. To Virgo, however, they are tainted by their association with Those Who Came Before, specifically, the couple from whom we bought the house. Anything this couple touched, from the tile on the kitchen floor to outlet covers to the basement remodel, is Wrong and Must Be Changed, according to Virgo.

Since we've already spent approximately $20K in remodeling due to this principle, I'm VERY MUCH in favor of adopting the We Can Just Live With It principle instead. Therefore any discussion about something that needs to be done in or on the house devolves into a (usually unspoken) argument over whether we should Just Live With It or whether we should Suck It Up and Do It Right.


What, the interview? Oh yes. It went fine. Mostly. I still don't really want the job, which is good, because they didn't offer it to me. Yet.

What I do want: the museum internship I "interviewed" for today (I was one of two candidates and they want both). Only, I want to be paid for it.

See? Self-sabotage. I'm like Exhibit A for a Linda Hirschman essay on educated women who aren't living up to their potential.

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